The Story of Nate’s Oatmeal Cookies

It all started back in junior high school when my older brother and sister both adopted a vegan diet at the same time. My mother (the best cook in the world!) had always been health conscious when preparing meals for us, but with two vegan high schoolers in the house she had new challenges to overcome. One of the recipes that grew out of this was oatmeal raisin pecan cookies.  She would adjust the recipe here and there and I, along with my brother, sister, and father, would be her “taste testers”. Over the years that followed, the recipe reached what we all felt was perfection in oatmeal cookie form.  My mother would make these cookies for special occasions, and they grew very popular with friends and family too.

Fast-forward 10 years…

When the COVID-19 virus hit and the shelter-in-place order swept the nation, I found myself out of both of my current bartending jobs.  With lots of time on my hands and the desire to consume delicious baked goods, I called Mom one day and asked for the recipe.  Two weeks later, I received a box on my doorstep that contained not only the recipe, but all the ingredients I needed to make the coveted cookies.  I began to bake these amazing morsels and shared them with my partner, my housemates, and neighbors. The more I baked, the more I fell in love with the process, and the more I thought about starting my own business.. and then.. I started Nate’s Oatmeal Cookies. 

Nate’s Oatmeal Cookies will always be good for your health, the environment, and the community. Having a plant-based cookie greatly reduces the carbon footprint that is made during production. It is also much easier for your body to digest, and because I use almost all organic ingredients, its something you can feel good about eating! 

UPDATE: November 2023
3.5 years in business, 2 full years of vending at farmers markets, thousands of cookies sold, hundreds of happy customers, and still going strong! We have now signed a lease and will be opening our first brick and mortar cookie shop at 3308 SE Belmont St. in Portland, OR!